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About DADO

DADO (pronounced dādō); an architectural element that makes strong connections.

Founded in 2017 by Tom & Brian, DADO’s goal is to dramatically improve the residential real estate buying process by providing better and more consumer relevant information.

Having both come from the travel industry, they were inspired how platforms like Trip Advisor and Expedia democratized information about hotels, cruises and excursions.  Both had experiences that led them to believe that they could similarly provide home buyers deeper and more authentic information about the homes they are considering beyond the MLS listing sheet.

No longer will buyers have to suffer with one sided information, a buyer beware culture, and inconsistent real estate professionals supporting the process. DADO goes beyond the curated seller view to allow buyers to rate, review, give a home value estimate, and share their own photographs with the broader house hunting community on homes they passed on. Like Trip Advisor, DADO allows buyers to benefit from other buyers’ reviews, providing richer insight on the home and allowing other potential buyers find the perfect fit faster and confidently.

Our mission

We believe buying a home should be a source of joy, creating confidence and instilling security in a marketplace that is stacked against buyers.

We do this by making it easy for home buyers to find and understand the data they need to make smarter decisions along their journey;

Using innovative and fun mobile experiences, crowd sourced content, proprietary algorithms and relevant just-in-time content delivery.

We are DADO, the Trip Advisor for residential real estate buyers.

Ready to buy better?

Home Buyer Stats

Consider 10+ homes

Move within 10 miles

10 weeks house hunting

Executive Team


Founded in 2017.

Headquartered in Norwalk, CT.

DADO’s multi-disciplined Executive team have diverse backgrounds and key industry expertise.

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Tom Mangas
Co-Founder and CEO, DADO Inc.

Office: 203-822-7350 ext 700
Twitter: @tbmangas or @DadoHouse