DADO: New Way of House Hunting, Without the Camera Crew

While I wish I was on House Hunters…

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I was actually working with DADO, a new house hunting mobile app. Alex and I got to check out some open houses this weekend in Pittsburgh and give you the entire scoop on how to use DADO and why you should download it asap. This app isn’t your usual search for houses with edited photos or realtor descriptions, it is more transparent with the ability for anyone to review the house, add their own photos, and easily share with your friends and family.

DADO is a new app and they just chose Pittsburgh as one of their cities to launch in!

Cool right? Well, it gets better! They chose to donate $1 to Habitat for Humanity Greater Pittsburgh for each download up to $1,000! So please, I urge you to open your app store and download!

Okay so now back to house hunting…

I’m sure we all can agree that looking for a house isn’t easy. I have only dealt with rental properties so far and even then it is crazy how different the photos and descriptions can be from the actual property. That is exactly what sold me on this app, the fact that we can go to a listing and give our own opinion, see how someone else rated it etc! One of the houses we stopped at for an open house was in South Side, which gave us the opportunity to look at walking scores and give our own walking score since it was essentially near everything. Pittsburgh stole my heart the second I visited for the first time almost seven years ago now, so when it comes down to where I would want to buy a house I honestly have such a hard time choosing a certain location.

So before I get too ahead of myself with explaining the DADO app, lets discuss the houses and what I thought of them!

The first house we looked at was in South Side and you could tell it was renovated with a great style and use of space in mind! I love this area, because you can see just how much it is changing. Every day I feel like there is a new business popping up and there is ALWAYS something to do. Below I will drop some photos and also drop how I rated it on the app!

If you look at the screenshot above you can see that DADO allowed me to give my own rating of the house for others to see all the way down to lighting, finishes, etc. After rating the house you can then see what the community thinks and send the house out for what DADO lists as a second opinion, or you can share with others more easily to chat about the house and see what they think!

Now that you get the idea… Here is the second house we looked at!

Situated on Washington’s Landing, a little island in Pittsburgh this townhouse was so unique, while also being a little outdated haha! Which you can see from my rating on DADO! I’ll be honest, I had no idea this little island was here before checking out this listing. There is somewhere around 80 houses on the island, a very safe and beautiful place to live!

I know phone apps are something that we all like experience for ourselves, however if you want to take anything from this post, here is what you should remember…

Major takeaways:

  • First mobile app that gives you the chance to share in real time with your real estate agent, significant other, or your friends! No more sending tons of images over text and we all know we want a second opinion from those that matter most!
  • This app was designed to change home buying for the buyers themselves! DADO is here to serve you and help you spread the word about a listing or find it more details.
  • You can see photos posted by the buyers themselves looking at the houses without all the editing and filters! Along with the ratings, which we all love to know over the generic descriptions on houses haha!
  • A $1 donation will be made to Habitat for Humanity Greater Pittsburgh for each new download up to $1,000! I love a new mobile app, especially when they choose to give back while spreading the word!

So what are you waiting for? Go download DADO!



*This post was sponsored by DADO, all opinions are 100% my own!*

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