Getting Started with your DADO Insider House Hunting app

Introduction to #nofilter house hunting!

Welcome to the future of house hunting where you now can see way more than the home seller’s marketing materials!

Here is a quick overview of the main features on our insider house hunting app plus we made sure you can always share everything with your formal and informal circle of friends and family on this house hunting journey with you.  All in real time.

But First!  Creating your personal house list…

Adding Properties to your personal list

There are three ways to add a property.   First option is to type in the address directly when you tap the blue circle with the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner of your home screen.  Second option is to bookmark a hot property already in the DADO House hunting app by tapping the blue book market in the upper right hand corner of a property you have open.


Third option is to add a property you have found right from Zillow.  Simply tap the share button in the Zillow app, tap more and then make DADO an option for sharing with.  This short demonstration video shows all the steps.


The view tab is where you  will find all your property general information.   Scroll up and down this view to see the general description of the property, the accessibility rating from walkability to proximity to mass transit and biking score.  You will also find GreatSchool Ratings.



See what the community thinks the home is worth and add your own value as well as thumbs up or down if you would recommend this home to others.



Rate each property on 10 key attributes from location and curb appeal to storage and finishes.  Then compare to the average rating from the community at large as well as side by side comparisons with your friends and family.



Add your own notes about the property!  You can also tag friends to start a conversation about specific feature and the property in general.

One last thing.  Photos!  Photos! Photos!


View all the consumer photos of the property by swiping the pictures at the top of each property tile.  Plus you can add as many of your own as you like!   Add comments on photos as you add them so you won’t forget why you took the picture in the first place or to help other house hunters see the property from your perspective.

Enjoy house hunting #nofilter!

Have ideas for new features you would like us to add?  Leave us suggestions in the comments below. Or email us directly at

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