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A twilight home walk introduction to Bloomfield

We recently joined Tim Gyves, a local Pittsburgh real estate agent with Coldwell Banker and a transplant from Brooklyn, NY, on a Twilight Home Walk through Bloomfield.   During our Open House Walk, Tim shared some great insights into why folks love this part of Pittsburgh.

Neighborhood History

Bloomfield has been a classic working class neighborhood for generations.  The main thing that has changed through the years is which country the immigrants came from.  Very much like Carol Gardens in Brooklyn.   Today, Bloomfield has evolved to be a very diverse and blended neighborhood from its roots of a single immigration population to many from all over.

This is an older, urban neighborhood with homes clustered close to one another and a main drag business district.   Families have handed down their homes for multiple generations in Bloomfield.  So when a row house comes on the market, you could be seeing two or three generations of family history in those kitchens and family rooms!

When Anthony Bourdain visited Pittsburgh, he visited Bloomfield and hung out with the Little Italy of Pittsburgh neighbors as he dubbed it, to chat about what had changed and remained constant.

A great place to get even more history and current facts about this neighborhood can be found on Niche.   A great site dedicated to sharing neighborhood information across the country helping home buyers find the best place to live for their personal needs and wishes!   Check out their review of Pittsburgh here!

Community Life

Bloomfield is one of the most urban spots in Pittsburgh.  There is not a ton of green space, but there are playgrounds and unique community activity spots you would expect in an vibrant urban environment.

  • City pool in the middle of Bloomfield is always popular
  • Bocce Ball courts with tons of Bocce Ball leagues
  • New Dec Hockey rink built recently with numerous youth and adult leagues

The local hospital host spring and summer Famers Markets that takes over their entire parking lots.  Plus restaurants and bars are quite mixed from hold overs that have been around for forever to new folks bringing a whole new attitude to the community.  Great examples are Tsaro’s  Burger and Beer spot where you can still smoke in the restaurant compared to Luncheonette – a brand new tiny store front run by a premier chef.

Bloomfield also has a vibrant Little Italy Festival every spring – great sausages and bouncy houses.   Very cool festival for the whole family to enjoy complete with a Miss Little Italy pageant.


Close by in Oakland is the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and art galleries are starting to pop up in Bloomfield proper.   Bloomfield also boasts the oldest Carnegie library.  Not a fancy library, but a beloved community spot.

Professional Life and Proximity to Work

Bloomfield is especially attractive to folks working at the Universities and two of our major hospital systems.   Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC and UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.  It is also fairly central to offices downtown.  

Both of the Hospitals are World Class and bring folks from all over to get treatments.   Pittsburgh is known for reinventing itself as a Meds and Eds community that now also includes tech and start up incubations with the like of DuoLingo plus both Google and Uber have a strong presence just to name a few.

So we are proud to boast Pittsburgh is home to world class education and medial fields but also tech start-ups!

Still an affordable and central location to buy a home

Bloomfield attracts highly educated talent because they can still afford to buy a home and live comfortably without breaking the bank!

There are 100 year old buildings next to brand new construction throughout.   Often new home buyers can see two options side by side – one that has been completely renovated with all the latest amenities and the second one has not been updated for two generations of families living there.   So the neighborhood attracts both the Do-it-yourself renovator and the Do-it-for-me move right in home buyers.   And both look exactly the same on the outside, so you cannot judge anything by the exterior curb appeal.    As Forrest Gump reminded us, “it’s like a box of chocolate.  You have to take a bite to see what is inside.”


This effects home prices greatly.  While both extremes of pricing are accessible to first time home buyers.  You are looking at homes ready for full renovation for as low as $60,000 and fully renovated as high as the low $300,000.   Of course there are the extreme outliers.   Rumor has it there is a $1million penthouse in a renovated loft warehouse.

Sticking with the more modest home prices.  Pittsburgh is a great place to actually buy instead of rent for 2-3 years if you love working on your home and want a bit more space than a typical apartment.

Back in 2011, Client moved from San Francisco – loved Bloomfield because it is walkable, public transit easily accessible and still affordable.   The typical row house is bigger than any apartment they had lived in San Francisco!  Plus they now could enjoy the “city” feel without being a rat race.

Shady Side and Squirrel Hill have always been popular, but Bloomfield is one of those neighborhoods that might be perceived as sleepy but is actually very rich in history.

This diversity helps preserve the original neighborhood feel, but welcomes the next generation of transplants “immigrants” coming to Pittsburgh.  It’s what keeps the community vibrant and growing.

Special thanks to Tim Gyves and our three real estate agents that hosted our Open Houses; Hedy Krenn, Denise Bunger for Rick Schweikert, and Catherine Zottola.

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