House Hunting Intelligence 101 – Of course you can take your own pictures!

Taking your own pictures of houses you tour…

You are considering making a several hundred-thousand-dollar purchase of a home, of course you can take your own pictures. Don’t let someone like the seller’s agent tell you that you cannot.

Your Own Pictures About What Matters Most to You

With our mobile phones in hand, we take more pictures of everything than ever before, and we love to share them with others. How can you remember that green bathroom that was not pictured in Zillow or the beautiful wood detail around the fireplace if you don’t snap a picture? DADO makes it easy for you to do just that AND lets you keep them all organized and shared with friends, family and your agent.

When we last moved and we were doing our house hunt, my wife and I arrived at one home we were considering and started to snap pictures of things that interested us.  Some of the things that needed to be renovated immediately if we were to buy the home and were not in the Zillow / MLS photos. The seller’s agent that was there leading the tour politely told us that pictures were not allowed. “What?” I asked in disbelief, as prospective buyer, I was being told I could not take pictures to help me make a better decision? My agent jumped in and immediately said, “Of course you can take pictures.” This did not please the seller’s agent and a debate ensued.  We took our pictures that day and later that week we reviewed all the pictures from all the houses we saw.  This was immensely important to helping my wife and I select THE house that was best for us.

Yes,  it is legal to take your own pictures when you are looking at homes.

When developing DADO, I wanted to get a clear answer on this issue before we built the app. So, I consulted legal counsel. They responded that “Of course you can take pictures of the home and its features. Sellers have a right to privacy, so the pictures should not be of family photos, etc. But it is totally legal to take you own photos to inform your purchase and share them with others.”

Sure, the seller probably does not want you to remember the mold and water line from a past flood in the basement, but you want to remember it in case you decide to negotiate this in the contract. And certainly, others in the DADO community would like to know what you have seen too.

More Pictures to Make a Better Decision

DADO is radically changing how buyers find, evaluate and select their next home. Please download our app and join our DADO Insider community where you can take as many pictures of every house you see as you like.   Then negotiate the best deal, because you now have all the details in the palm of your hand.

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When demanding “your right” to photo and video what ever you want in a private home, keep in mind it is a two way street and you can’t unilaterally give buyers “rights” without also giving sellers “rights” (although some would like to do so). In my experience some buyers are turned off by homes that have video surveillance and feel they have been “violated”, even though almost always the video surveillance was in place for security prior to the home going on the market. Just because you have a legal “right” to do something, should you? The problem isn’t snapping photos for personal use and comparison shopping, the problem is that in today’s world, this can be shared all over the world in seconds and voyeurism has become a national past time due to technology. If you had a high dollar estate going on the market, would you feel safer knowing every detail about that property, including the address, can be shared around the globe in seconds? All the photos snapped by potential buyers can be a nice stake out map for a crook. But again, it is our “right” to do as we please and who has time to be bothered to do a second viewing to re-visit the details.

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