How great are the schools near your next home? DADO Insiders always know.

Introducing GreatSchool Ratings for every property on DADO!

With every home you review on DADO you will see the ratings of local elementary, middle and high schools close to that home.    We have partnered with GreatSchools Rating to give you objective and transparent access to the ratings of each school.  This is how GreatSchools Ratings defines its scale:

“…ratings follow a 1-10 scale, where 10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. Ratings at the lower end of the scale (1-3) signal that the school is “below average,” 4-7 indicate “average,” and 8-10 are “above average.” Each rating has its own color corresponding to this scale, ranging from green (10) to yellow to orange (1) to help you see the distinctions.”

The summary rating includes up to five different “theme ratings”:

Test Readiness Score

Based on how the students at that school test at or above state level standard tests.

Student or Academic Progress Rating

Often referred to as the “growth” score. This measures if students are making progress year over year academically.

College Readiness Rating

This assesses how schools are preparing students to succeed in college based on SAT/ACT Scores.

Advanced Course Rating

This rating reviews academic rigor in a particular school based on the percent of the student population participating in advanced level classes.

Equity Rating

Reviews how well a school serves the entire student population. In particular students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds compared with students not coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

GreatSchools Ratings full reports

This is a free service and if you would like to know more about any individual school, you can go to their website  and get a more comprehensive report on numerous topics at the individual school level.

You can also sign up for their newsletters and other programs they offer parents that want to invest further in their children’s education.

We are proud to share GreatSchool Ratings with every property you view in DADO’s Insider House Hunting app!

Happy House Hunting!  Dedicated to connecting homes with their next home owner!


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