Adding Properties Three Ways! DADO Insider House Hunting Best Features

Three great ways to add property list in your DADO House Hunting app

Now you can add properties to your DADO dashboard three ways!

Join the open listing movement and be a contributor to your community at large as well as your own personal house hunt!  When you open your DADO App, you will see a hot properties list that shows properties other DADO Insider House Hunters have looked at, rated and possibly even hearted.   You can add these to your own property list as well as bring in properties from Zillow or just type in the address directly.  This post explains all the details to help you get started curating your own list to rate, tag, and share with your own friends, family and real estate agent or realtor!

Bookmarking homes in the Hot Properties list

Your DADO App home screen will have two property views; Hot Properties and My Properties.   The Hot Properties list is full of homes that other DADO Insider House Hunters have added to the DADO app to rate, review and share with their friends and family.  You can add them to your list by opening a property tile and tapping the blue book mark in the upper right hand corner.  This will automatically add that home to My Properties.  All you need to do to see it is refresh your app screen when you have toggled over to that list.   Simply swipe down on the screen to refresh.

Taking your Zillow Search to the next level

After you find a property on Zillow that you are interested in, simply “share” it with DADO and the property will automatically show up in your DADO app.  All the basic information plus the lead picture on Zillow show up, ready for you to add your own pictures, ratings and tags.  Plus it can be shared with all your contacts instantly.   Here is a quick how to:

Add your property directly into the app

If you are touring a house in person or know the address of a house you want to add to your DADO House Hunting app, you can simply type the street address in directly.   Simply tap the Blue + button on your dashboard screen and type the street address into the property address field.  You might also need to type in the city and state in the fields below the street address line.   Or you can tap the location icon and your current location will be automatically populated.

Want more ideas for taking your house hunting experience to the next level?   Read some of our House Hunting Tips!

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Happy House Hunting!

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