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We are excited to share our new products with you.  I founded DADO with my partner Brian Goodman to change the way buyers and sellers of residential real estate find, evaluate, and ultimately hire the service providers around that very important transaction including agents, inspectors and title providers.

My professional background is not in real estate, but rather in building great consumer brands like Tide, Pantene, and Westin Hotels at companies like Procter & Gamble and Starwood Hotels & Resorts where I last served as Chief Executive Officer. During my 27 years in those businesses, I learned to listen to consumers and make sure the products we were bringing to market solved their problems, resulting in better outcomes and experiences.

That said, real estate is not totally new to me. I grew up in a family deeply involved in the business. My father retired from the military in the early 1970’s and became a real estate agent in Indiana working for a local brokerage. Later, he launched his own brokerage. At an early age, I was answering the phones and helping him book showings. I saw how hard he worked to build his real estate credentials, deliver results for his clients, and maintain the highest ethical standards.

DADO founders Brian Goodman & Tom Mangas

The Inspiration Behind DADO

My inspiration for DADO came from a very recent experience in trying to help a family member sell their home in one state and buy a home in another.  When we went to look for information on which agents to hire, I was surprised to see how little information like performance history or consumer reviews was available to reliably evaluate agents. As a result, we found ourselves using agents that spent a lot of money on marketing, but we were never sure that they were really the best agents for us or that we got the best outcome through the selling and buying process. I spoke to many consumers across the country and heard similar stories. Some deals worked out OK, others did not. That hit or miss experience is something I thought we could fix.

At Starwood, we had seen consumers come to rely heavily on digital sites like TripAdvisor and Expedia to plan their vacations and travel plans. These sites provided a wealth of information like attributes of the hotels, consumer reviews and clear pricing that allowed the consumer to really make an informed decision on where to stay and do. It was clear to me and Brian that if we could bring that kind of collective knowledge, simplicity, and speed to the selection of agents and the other service providers, it would be a huge benefit to buyers and seller.  It would also be a benefit to the real estate professionals as well who had strong track records to stand on.

DADO app

Our iOS app (coming soon in Android) helps simplify the home search process by allowing buyers to pull in and view county records on the homes they have decided to visit with their agent. While buyers tour the homes over days or weeks, they can snap their own pictures to remember certain features, take notes on the home within the app, and rate the many features of the home such as location, value for money, condition, and room attributes. As consumers move from home to home and week to week of searching, DADO eliminates all the MLS listing sheets and the hand note taking, keeping all the information secure and easily organized. DADO also allows spouses and their agent to share their pictures and compare their ratings with each other and other family and friends. Through the tool, buyers can arrive at a better discussion on which homes they liked and why, ultimately leading to better data driven decision on where to make an offer and for how, much reducing the stress in a process that is full of emotion.

If you are considering buying or selling a home in the eastern Fairfield County or western New Haven County area, Brian and I would like you to consider starting your journey with DADO. We live in this community, and we are based in Norwalk, CT.

We are confident that the with the help of the DADO app, you will be able to buy your next home more confidently, more quickly, and enjoy a better outcome.

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